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A Small Introduction and My Christmas Cold

christmas tissue box


So I’m lying in my bed, stuffy nosed and surrounded by a small fortress of tissues, and somehow that led me here, to making a blog. How random the world is…random or some sort of weird fever dream is telling me to do this. To be honest, starting a blog is something I’ve been toying with for a long time. I’ve always loved writing, and have just finished a small creative writing course after basically writing nothing for four years. I was looking for something that would keep me in the habit of writing at least a little bit every week and low and behold the blog idea came to mind.

I’ve always been very nervous about “putting myself out there”. As some of my friends may tell you, I don’t react well to rejection or criticism. I don’t go mad and think I’m amazing and the whole world is wrong, my problem is that sometimes I take it to heart and let it take over. I fully agree with the term ‘It’s easier to listen to the bad things than the good’ and I’m definitely guilty of letting the bad things play on my mind for longer than they should.

However, sitting in my bed feeling completely miserable with this bloody cold has just made me go: Just do it already! It’s better than just lying here feeling sorry for yourself! So here I am….hi there internet..hows it going?

For the most part my blog is just for me, but if people read it then that’s great too. I like it a lot when my writing makes people happy or just entertains them for a few short minutes, but I also know that I’m willingly putting it on a very public place and I am prepared for the negativity it will inevitably bring as well. This is a place for me to make sure I write a little bit every week and for now that is all it needs to be.

It is very typical of me to have a cold this time of year. My friends and family will often say that I have the worst immune system in the world, and if there is a cold or any kind of sickness going around, I’m going to catch it. I’m kind of glad I have a cold now though, as most of the time I will actually be sick on Christmas Day. At least three times I have been perfectly fine going to bed on Christmas Eve, and then woken up Christmas morning and been so ill I can hardly move. So if this lets me escape sneezing all over my presents on Christmas Day, then cold you are welcome to stay, but I’m kicking you out on December 24th.

Well internet, welcome to my little corner. Please wipe your feet before entering.



I'm a twenty-something year old Harry Potter fan, mental health student and advocate. I like to write about my thoughts on mental health and how we see it as well as my own mental health journey. I also like to share my thoughts on some of the topics in the media and just random opinions on general life struggles and successes. My goal is to create a safe space where people can feel free to share their thoughts and opinions without judgement and maybe find some like minded people to support them.

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