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My 5 Favourite Things About Christmas


So it’s that time of year again where everything gets sparkly, people get cheerful and the Christmas jumpers start rising out of the deep dark depths of the wardrobe. If you ask around many people have very mixed feelings about this time of year. Some feel its too commercialised, some find it very hard financially and so it takes some of the joy out of it, some think it’s great because they have young kids that still believe in the magic, or they just generally like the vibe of Christmas. For the longest time Christmas just didn’t mean much to me. My brother and I were both too old for Santa and we lived away from our parents so I just felt I had grown out of it. This year however, I actually find myself having a little bit of Christmas spirit and…it feels quite good. Nothing has really changed, I’m still too old for Santa, I don’t have any kids to put on the magic for and I unfortunately still wont see my parents, so why do I suddenly find Christmas so appealing? Maybe its because I’m a little more financially stable than last year? Maybe its because I’ve found my own little family in my boyfriend and my cat? (Not to insult my actually family, I love you guys too <3) Or maybe I’m just in a better place emotionally than I have been in the last few years? To be honest I have no idea but I’m enjoying it no matter what the cause. No more bah humbug blues for me!

So to celebrate my sudden injection of Christmas spirit, I thought I would spread some of my Christmas cheer by telling you some of my favourite things about Christmas!

1. The Galway Continental Christmas Market.

Every year, Galway is host to the most adorable Christmas market you have ever seen. There are shops, craft villages, beer tents, sweet stalls and even a merry-go-round! My favourite part without a doubt has to be all of the amazing food! They have everything from corn dogs to heated pretzels to zebra burgers, so if you are in Galway I highly recommend you at least go for a little wander around.

2. Buying Presents!

Though I hate the expense of the holiday season, I love buying presents for other people. For the last couple of years I’ve been pretty poor and I’m still poor, but not as poor, so I finally got to buy proper Christmas presents for everyone this year! I get very excited about the thought of people opening their presents on Christmas morning, not to mention I am one of the few people that actually loves wrapping presents, so I suppose for that I don’t mind my savings taking a bit of a hit.

3. Candles.

I don’t know why but this year I have gotten obsessed with candles. The funny thing is I don’t even like your typical Christmas candle scents! My two favourite candles at the moment are a winter berry scent and a peach and apricot one I bought on a whim a few weeks ago. Most people love their mulberry spiced candles or gingerbread candles but not me! Fruity and flowery all the way!

4. Cosy Clothes.

I can be very body conscious, so summer dresses that show off lots of skin aren’t very up my ally. That’s why I love it when it starts to get cold and it becomes acceptable to wear nice warm jumpers and cosy tights! I also love wearing hats and scarves so fashion-wise, Winter is definitely my favourite season.

5. I Can Act Like A Child And No-one Cares!

Okay so I may do this all year round, but at Christmas time everyone’s inner child seems to come out so I can get away with it a lot more. I can wear my bear hat and silly jumpers and no-one will laugh, I can watch kids movies (not that anything really stops me from doing that) and I can eat all of the sweets I want!

So I hope you enjoyed the 5 things I love about the Christmas season. Let me know what you like/don’t like about Christmas, as my next blog will probably be about the things that annoy me about Christmas time.

Until next time!


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A Small Introduction and My Christmas Cold

christmas tissue box


So I’m lying in my bed, stuffy nosed and surrounded by a small fortress of tissues, and somehow that led me here, to making a blog. How random the world is…random or some sort of weird fever dream is telling me to do this. To be honest, starting a blog is something I’ve been toying with for a long time. I’ve always loved writing, and have just finished a small creative writing course after basically writing nothing for four years. I was looking for something that would keep me in the habit of writing at least a little bit every week and low and behold the blog idea came to mind.

I’ve always been very nervous about “putting myself out there”. As some of my friends may tell you, I don’t react well to rejection or criticism. I don’t go mad and think I’m amazing and the whole world is wrong, my problem is that sometimes I take it to heart and let it take over. I fully agree with the term ‘It’s easier to listen to the bad things than the good’ and I’m definitely guilty of letting the bad things play on my mind for longer than they should.

However, sitting in my bed feeling completely miserable with this bloody cold has just made me go: Just do it already! It’s better than just lying here feeling sorry for yourself! So here I am….hi there internet..hows it going?

For the most part my blog is just for me, but if people read it then that’s great too. I like it a lot when my writing makes people happy or just entertains them for a few short minutes, but I also know that I’m willingly putting it on a very public place and I am prepared for the negativity it will inevitably bring as well. This is a place for me to make sure I write a little bit every week and for now that is all it needs to be.

It is very typical of me to have a cold this time of year. My friends and family will often say that I have the worst immune system in the world, and if there is a cold or any kind of sickness going around, I’m going to catch it. I’m kind of glad I have a cold now though, as most of the time I will actually be sick on Christmas Day. At least three times I have been perfectly fine going to bed on Christmas Eve, and then woken up Christmas morning and been so ill I can hardly move. So if this lets me escape sneezing all over my presents on Christmas Day, then cold you are welcome to stay, but I’m kicking you out on December 24th.

Well internet, welcome to my little corner. Please wipe your feet before entering.